Agricultural Co-operative Staff Training Institute
of Kerala State Co-operative Bank Ltd.

Our vision is:
"To emerge as an ideal training Centre to groom competent personnel in the short term co-operative credit structure who will be capable of facing the challenges in the present and future co-operative scenario and continue to perform well with business growth and social commitment in the highly competitive environment."

Our Mission is
  1. Provide training to members of staff at all levels in the short term co-operative credit structure and equip them with adequate knowledge to discharge their duties with professional skill and customer orientation.
  2. Organize seminars, discussions etc. for the board members of co-operative banks so that they acquire more knowledge in the central/state acts, rules and subjects to effectively lead their institutions.
  3. Provide information, advice and guidance to development planners, policy makers, government, client institutions etc. and act as a resource centre.
  4. Interpret and simplify circular instructions, directives and guidelines from governments, registrar of co-operative societies, NABARD, RBI etc. and provide them to client institutions to enable them to understand them properly and act correctly.
  5. Conduct studies and swot analysis of PACS, DCBs, KSCB etc. and guide them in development of business and improving profitability and customer service.
  6. Make our clients successful at their endeavours, work and life. With this objective, develop the right facilities and human resources by adopting better learning and teaching practices that adhere to international best practices, which are easily understood and eminently made applicable to all stake holders concerned.
  7. To provide consultancy services in the area of General Banking, Human Resource Development, Marketing, Finance, Service Matters, Business Diversification and Revival of loss making DCBs/PACS.