Agricultural Co-operative Staff Training Institute
of Kerala State Co-operative Bank Ltd.

Started with the aim of enhancing management and governance of cooperatives and to ascertain their long-term sustainability, the consultancy cell of ACSTI undertakes various consultancy assignments. The consultancy wing of ACSTI will provide guidance and advice for the following subjects:

  • Advice and guidance for the expansion of branches of the bank.
  • Advice and guidance to development planners, policy makers, government, client institutions etc. and act as a resource centre.
  • Helps to simplify circular instructions, directives and guidelines from governments, registrar of co-operative societies, NABARD, RBI etc. and provide client institutions to enable them.
  • Guidance for preparing various type of policies of the bank as advised by RBI.
  • Suggestions for increasing profitability of the bank.
  • Appraisal loan proposals.
  • Analysis of Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements for Banks/Branches
  • Expansion and Diversification of Business.
  • Preparation of Business Models for the turnaround of Banks
  • Advice relating to Income Tax and Sales Tax
  • Preparation of Development Action Plan for turnaround.
  • Problems connected with practical banking
  • Settlement of claims of deceased Deposit accounts
  • Deceased borrower accounts-Recovery
  • Advice on Risk Weighted Assets, Revaluation of Assets connected with CRAR
  • Amendment of bye-laws
  • Advice connected with staff matters viz. promotion, probation, seniority, disciplinary action, feeder category sub-rule.
  • Turn around strategy for loss making PACS
  • Profitability of PACS
  • Amendments of Bye-Laws
  • Formation of partnership of co-operatives
  • Diversification of business
  • Preparation of Sub-rules
  • New Deposit/Loan schemes
  • Probation/Promotion of Staff
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Non-credit activities- Turn around Strategy